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Community-driven web3 Accelerator

Build directly with the community.

About us

The web3 Ecosystem is Dynamic

MentorFund has one goal - to support first-time founders by connecting them with the community to build the product/service from the ground up 


We provide you with many resources, including access to highly qualified mentors, serial entrepreneurs to help you reach product-market fit, and a community to scale your company with speed and confidence.

How it works?

How MentorFund works?

From Idea to Reality

Founders & Mentors Register with us

We collect necessary information from the founders and share them with our mentors in that particular area of expertise.

Community Members Join in

A team of 5-8 members from the community experienced in the focused area will accompany founders & mentors to brainstorm and vet the products/services

Founders & Mentors Collaborate

If there is mutual understanding between the two, Mentors collaborate with the founders to help them adapt, modify or pivot their idea into an operational plan.

What's in it for Founders?

Are you a Founder?

Click on the button below to submit your details

Future proof your idea with experienced professionals

We partner with professionals with diverse experiences dedicated to helping you future proof your product/service.

Build directly with the community

Get first-hand feedback from the community and beta test your offerings

Get a Heads Up On Your Funding Process

When you decide that the objectives of your mentorship are fulfilled, we connect with our investor network (VCs, Syndicates, Family offices) with a detailed report about your startup to jumpstart your funding process.


What's in it for Mentors?

Want to Mentor founders?

Click on the button below to submit your details.

Mentor Future Leaders

Partner with founders to brainstorm product-market fit and get first-hand experience with the new venture

Co-Lead the Deal On Our Syndicate

Once the startup is ready to raise capital, and we see interest from our investment partners, co-lead the deal with the syndicate and earn carried interest.


What's in it for Investors?

Get access to vetted dealflow.

Click on the button below to submit your preferences.

VCs & Emerging Fund Managers

Get access to pre-vetted deal flow mentored by experienced professionals with a detailed investment memo

Angel Investors

Invest alongside us in our syndicate. Get detailed investment memos delivered to you and expand your investment portfolio.

Angel Syndicates

Share pre-vetted deal flow with your LP network and invest alongside reputed investors


What's in it for the Community?

Join our slack

Engage with the founders directly

Get access to next-gen founders building in the web3 ecosystem

Communicate ideas, feedbacks & brainstorm future roadmaps

NFT benefits associated with your contribution

Each member working with the mentors & founders gets an exclusive NFT with added benefits & access to events 

Get exclusive benefits

Know when they're hiring, participate in paid bounties, and many more

Share deal flow with your LP network, scout programs, and invest alongside reputed investors


Meet The Team

IMAGE 2021-09-02 00_49_19.jpg

Arhat Bhagwatkar

Founder, MentorFund

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Join me

If MentorFund's vision meets yours, feel free to reach out to me at

Work with me to onboard and connect founders, mentors & emerging fund managers with each other.


Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Business?

The power of community is unparalleled, and we believe that with the right set of interactions and support, the progress we notice will be extraordinary. The process from an idea to reality is trial and error till you succeed.


We aim to bridge that pain point with a segmented mentorship with the community to build a sustainable business model with extended investor network access.

We've spent the last 11 months talking to several founders and emerging fund managers across all continents.

Moving forward, we look to partner with some of the best founders, emerging fund managers & angel investors to bring a proper and efficient flow of capital and expertise to the founders.

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